Lacrosse Lessons

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Individual Lessons

One-on-one lacrosse lessons have an immediate impact on your game. It is one of the best things a player can do to better their game. No matter the skill level, it will drastically improve fundamentals by personalized coaching. 

Group Lessons

Group lessons allow multiple players to experience real game situations with their piers. This is a great way to mesh players and teach them how to play together. 


Shooting Technique
Time & Room Shooting
Shooting on the Run
Inside Fakes
Stick Protection
Dodging from the Top
Dodging from Behind
Feeding with Pressure
Pick & Rolls
Off Ball Play



Body Position
Takeaway Checks
Working the Gloves
Ball Handling
Team Concepts


Proper Warm Up
Angle Play
Reading Shooters
One v One Play
Cross Goal Shots
Outside the Goal Play

Our Training Facility

Experience our top of the line training facility at King Louie's Sports Complex when you train with L4. We have every tool necessary to take your game to the next level. 

The L4 Platform 

On-Field Video Analysis

Players learn better when they can visualize what they need to correct. We use an Ipad to record each player, which we reference too if something needs to be changed. This is a great tool because players can watch themself and better understand what they need to correct. This also allows us to send follow up E-mails of a Before/After video to help parents better understand what we went over that day.