Sunday, July 5th, 2020


Louisville, Kentucky

King Louie's Sports Complex 

600 N. English Station Road ​40223


Kentucky Cup 7v7 Lacrosse Tournament


We are excited to introduce the Kentucky Cup this summer. The tournament will be played at King Louie's Sports Complex in Louisville, KY. All games will take place on turf fields. We look forward to seeing all the players in the Midwest for a great day of lacrosse.


Spots are limited due to this being a smaller event.

-We recommend roster sizes of 11-14 players per team for the 7v7 format. 


Event Details:

-The games will be played on 2 turf fields  

-Games begin at 5:00 PM  

-Each team will have at least 4 games.

-The format is 7v7 plus a goalie – 2 players are held back behind the midfield line.

-The score will be kept at each field and reported to the main score tent following each game.

-Scores will be posted at the main tent and online


-Two 13 min running halves + 3-minute halftime 

-No Timeouts during pool or bracket play.

-A 1-minute timeout is allowed during the championship

-Universal horn to start the game, end 1st half, start 2nd half, and end game

-The field is ratioed down to accommodate 7v7



No major take out checks allowed 

-Any major penalty will be issued a 3-minute non-releasable

-All minor penalties are 1 minute releasable


Positional breakdown at the Kentucky Cup

-2 Midfielders, 2 Attack, and 2 Defensive players, 1 Goalie

-The game begins with a Faceoff (Each Halve)

-Goalie Clears after a goal

-No more than 2 poles allowed on the field at once

-After a goal is scored, the game resumes playing with a goalie clear.

-Subs are on the fly and through the box 

-Attack and defensive players must wait for possession call on Faceoffs

Tie Games

-If the game ends it will be immediately followed be 1v1 Braveheart 

-Each team will select one player from their roster to faceoff and go head to head

-The first goal wins in OT Braveheart - Goalies are live and can act as an additional offensive player

-The winner receives 3 pts and the loser will receive 1pt for a tie


Playoff placement within your division is determined by your team’s overall points (W= 3pts, L= 0pts, T= 1pt).

Tiebreaking procedures in order: head-to-head; total goals against; total goals scored.


Kentucky Cup Map.png

Bluegrass Division

7/8 Ky Cup roster.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 6.41.21 PM.png

American Pharoah Division

Screenshot 2020-07-05 13.55.25.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 6.41.21 PM.png