RULES & How to

-Make sure to have a place to set the camera on or someone to hold it

-A lacrosse ball (Please have extra because it will be a race you will quickly need to grab a new ball

-MUST be in helmet and gloves

-This will be done VIA ZOOM Meeting. Video is required. 

-When you are finished both hands go straight up And say done. 

-This is the first time doing this so we are going to try our best to make this run as smooth as possible. 

-Please let me know if you have any other questions

Region 1

Meeting ID: 778 0089 2916

Password: L4



Region 2

Meeting ID: 766 1235 1921

Password: L4



Region 3

Meeting ID: 756 1009 4643

Password: L4


Region 4

Meeting ID: 735 6962 1017

Password: L4


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