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L4 COVID-19 Update

We hope everyone is well! Below is a brief update regarding COVID-19 and L4 Lacrosse. 

We are currently awaiting more direction and information from the CDC, WHO and our partnering sports facilities and event coordinators to determine the appropriate time to get back to playing.  Obviously we would like to get back to practicing but the health and safety of our player’s and families is our number one priority right now.  

We are working on a revised schedule for our postponed events but cannot make a final decision until will have a concrete return to activity date.  

See below for more information regarding our events and summer tournaments 

L4 Paperweights- Postponed until further notice.

L4 Gold Club- Postponed until further notice. 

L4 and Mingos team practices- Will take place as scheduled until informed otherwise. 

L4 3v- Will take place as scheduled until informed otherwise. 

Summer Tournaments – We have reached out to all event coordinators and all summer tournaments are to take place as scheduled. We are continuing to monitor this situation and will make adjustments as we get more information.  

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