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0 edition is a new and exciting experience on the market. For the first time, it offers the full IKARUS Aerofly Professional Edition in a very affordable and cost effective package. In easyFly 4.0, EasyFly Professional Deluxe and EasyFly Starter Edition is now available in one package. All these features are available in this version of easyFly: - fully complete EasyFly Professional 3.0 - comprehensive EasyFly Professional Deluxe (commercial and free versions) - EasyFly Professional Deluxe Starter Edition (fully functional and interactive demo version) - ready for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. - fully functional PC flight simulator (Free flight, 3D flight with Autogen and Autopilot). - innovative, responsive and user friendly EasyFly interfaces. - very stable and rich in functions for all users. - Fully functional in high resolution graphics and in a real world environment. - Fully functional graphics and realistic models of airports, water, flight routes, sky and climate. - Easily editable flight routes. - Fully functional internal PC and flight system with Autogen, Autopilot, auto leveling, CTAF and many other useful features. - Fully functional external PC flight system and GPS with in-flight auto position updates and EGNOS support. - EasyFly is also able to generate 3D terrain for external PC flight systems. - Fully functional G4 and G5 flight route generation tools. - ready for integrated PC flight systems (MCP) and for external flight control systems such as radio controllers (ArduPilot, Freerider, Gravis, GCS, etc.) - Compatible with all GPS receivers that support CTAF (GPS receiver and PTT protocols with support for PTT transmission with two different audio channels). - External PC flight simulation system fully compatible with all radio controllers. - EASA approved (an EASA Part 23 approved application version is available). - Full computer system monitoring and a rich database with hundreds of parameters. - A full list of aircraft types and airports with all the detailed specifications. - The database includes all the latest gliders, light aircraft, and homebuilt aircraft. - A list of 50+ light aircraft is included.




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