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The Bluegrass Lacrosse League (BLL) Is BACK!


Please read below for information about the Bluegrass Lacrosse League

Register soon spots are limited.


The Bluegrass Lacrosse League offers lacrosse for players in the 3rd grade through 8th grade.

There are 5 divisions:

  • 3rd/4th

  • 5th/6th A

  • 5th/6th AA

  • 7th/8th A

  • 7th/8th AA


Bluegrass Lacrosse League Schedule:

October 3rd Team Camp


Team Camp Times:

(October 3rd) @ King Louie's Sports Complex

3/4th: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

5th/6th: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

7th/8th: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Practice & Game Schedule/time blocks


October 4th- Monday  (6-9 PM Outdoor Field 1) 

October 8th - Friday (6- 9 PM OF1)

October 11th - Monday (6-9 PM OF1)

October 15th - Friday (6- 9 PM OF1)

October 18th - Monday (6-9 PM OF1)

October 22nd - Friday (6- 9 PM OF1)

October 25th - Monday (6-9 PM OF1)

October 29th - Friday (6- 9 PM OF1)

All @ King Louie's Sports Complex

600 N English Station Road

Once assigned a team your schedule for games and practices will be sent to you.

The full schedule and team will be sent to you by the end of September! 

The rosters will be 10-15 players and teams in each division will compete for a Championship at the end of October. The Bluegrass Lacrosse League does have a website where rankings, news, polls, etc. are posted. Please go to to follow the BLL.  This year will be one of the most competitive off-seasons and we can't wait to get started. 


  • Bluegrass Lacrosse League championship games will be filmed and published on YouTube. 

  • Players will receive custom uniform shorts and jersey

  • League format outside (7v7) promoting a fast pace of play 

  • New this year: we will be placing players on teams making sure all the teams have balanced numbers. You will receive team placement by the end of September. 

  • BLL offers AA & A divisions to help with age gaps and skill levels at the 5th/6th and 7th/8th age level.

  • Highlights of each week will be posted on the L4 Lacrosse YouTube Page and on the BLL Instagram (@BluegrassLacrosseLeague)

  • Big announcements will be made throughout the month of September!

Questions & answers:

What is the Bluegrass lacrosse league and how does it work?

The Bluegrass Lacrosse League is a lacrosse league located in Louisville, KY. Players sign up and are drafted to a team. Based on age and experience, players are placed in one of the 4 programs (Ninjas, Dragons, Reapers, or Huskies).


Do you have to have a "School" team?

This is not a school team league, it's open to all players. Everyone is a free agent and teams are balanced by age and skill. This is done to promote the growth of lacrosse in the state and keep the competition level high.


What days will my son have practice and games?

We have listed all possible practice and game dates. Games will be played Monday AND Friday depending on your team. Each team will have 3-4 practices and 6 games. Once players are selected in mid-late September the full schedule will be released in those time blocks. Canceled games due to weather will be made up during a practice day if there is no field time available. We will exhaust all options if a game is canceled! 


What is different about this year?

We are making sure every team has balanced numbers to ensure a competitive environment. We will try our best to keep players where they played last year, but there is no guarantee! This will make games a lot more competitive. 

How do I see the scores, schedule, and division standings?

Go to

My son will miss practice/game/team camp is that ok? 

Yes, please let your coach know a week before so the team can make adjustments.

What is the BLL website? 

The website we use for the Bluegrass Lacrosse League is

Here you will find the schedule, team information, rosters, news, and rankings.

My son has never played competitive lacrosse or has a lacrosse team to play on?

The BLL was created for just that, now you have a team to play on and learn the sport. Lacrosse is a fast and physical sport, be sure he is ready to go! 

A look back at last year! 


7/8th Championship Games

Highlight videos from THE BLL

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