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L4 Lacrosse offers many different ways to improve skills, fundamentals, Lacrosse IQ and love for the sport.  Our training classes and camps are always staffed by elite instructors. We offer group classes, camps, clinics, TEAM training, and individual/group training. All of which is explained in detail below.


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Group Classes


Throughout the year we offer training classes that take place on the training room floor. Our classes are high tempo and focused on developing players fundamental and gets them in a setting where they have to train and play fast. Another added benefit about our classes is being able to participate with their friends and compete with other lacrosse players in the area. Each month we try to offer different classes and skill levels to fit different skill levels. There are months we will not be able to offer classes due to scheduling conflicts. 


Classes are signed up individually per class on the app or through the website under “Training Times” 

Camps & Clinics


We take pride in how our Camps and Clinic events are run. They are organized, high rep, high intensity, and the instructors are engaged with the players at all times. We always have qualified former NCAA or professional players that not only played but are great mentors and instructors. Throughout the years we have developed programs for players in the 1st-grade al the way through NCAA Athletes


Here is an informative list of the programs we offer:

L4 Paperweights Program

Skill Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Grade: 1st - 3rd

About: The purpose of the L4 Paperweights Program is to provide young athletes the opportunity to play lacrosse at an early age in a fun environment that develops their interest in lacrosse. Each session is action-packed with fun games and activities that introduce them to the sport and show them proper fundamentals that will nourish their love for the game. 


L4 Rising Stars Program

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Grade: 4th - 8th

About: The L4 Rising Star Program provides opportunities for young athletes to develop skill, confidence, and character in an uptempo instructional setting.  We will focus on teaching small-sided situations to replicate full field team play.  Each session is action-packed with instructional fundamental drills, scrimmaging and activities that introduce them to the sport and show them proper fundamentals that will nourish their love for the game.


L4 Elite Performance Academy

Skill Level: NCAA College Athlete or HS Committed Player

Grade: College

About: The L4 Elite Performance Training Program offers a customized approach to Athletic performance and skill development.  This program offers young lacrosse players an opportunity to take their overall game and athletic ability to the next level in preparation for college. Elite level players need to approach training in a way that is specific to their craft to improve overall performance. This program offers current collegiate players and those considering the NCAA an opportunity to prepare and train like a college athlete. 



Skill Level: High Intermediate to Advanced

Grade: (5th - 6th) (7th - 8th) - We may be adding a 3rd & 4th Division

About: L4 3v3 is a program usually run in the summer months during the club lacrosse season. The 3v3 format is something utilized by professional and college teams throughout North America to enhance lacrosse skill and lacrosse IQ. Our focus during this clinic is to introduce players to the fastest lacrosse setting possible where they have no choice but to rely on their stick skills and field awareness in order to succeed. During most 3v3 clinics, players start with a combine then get drafted to a team for the remainder of the clinic. Throughout the next few weeks of the clinic, players start to mesh together and play as a team and gather an understanding of the speed. The L43v is one of our favorite training events of the year.


L4 Summer Camp

Skill Level: All Skill Levels 

Grade: 3rd - 8th Grade

About: The L4 Lacrosse summer camp provides players of all positions and ability levels the opportunity to refine and improve their lacrosse skills. Our training sessions will focus on teaching the skills, concepts, and game situations that will give your son the confidence to make quality decisions on the field and prepare your son to take his game to the next level. In the morning players will be doing fundamental drill & skill work, mid-afternoon short field games with transition play, and by the end of the day scrimmaging. This summer camp will be outdoors and indoors so the weather will not be an issue. This 2-day camp will drastically improve the players shooting, dodging, face-off skills, stick skills, film sessions, defensive IQ, footwork, goalie play, lacrosse IQ, and love for lacrosse.


L4 Mini Camps

Skill Level Advanced & High Intermediate

Grade: All Grades - varies by each camp

About: The L4 Mini Camp Series is a collection of position-specific training geared towards maximizing instruction at a specific position. The L4 Mini camps happen year-round.


JCGC - Goalie Club

Skill Level: Goalies

Grade: All 

About: JCGC is led by JC Hutchins. This goalie club is run very similar to the mini camps with dates throughout the year. Coach JC is one of the top goalie instructors in the region. 


L4 Box HS Prospect Camp

Skill Level: Advance HS 

About: This event is run in September and is used as a tryout for the L4 Box lacrosse teams. 


L4 MS Box Prospect Camp

Skill Level: Advanced 

About: The L4 Box prospect skills camp is a unique opportunity to get ready for box lacrosse season. Box lacrosse is continuing to grow within the United States and encourages a fast-paced environment that requires tremendous skill and a high IQ. Box lacrosse is now considered the standard for season preparation at high-level NCAA Division 1 programs. Nearly every NCAA Division I team is playing box in the off-season or sending players to Canada during the summer to play box lacrosse.


L4 Tyke & Novice Box Camp

Skill Level: Intermediate & Advanced *Beginners please call prior*

About: The Tyke and Novice Box Prospect Camp will be the best opportunity for young lacrosse players to learn box lacrosse techniques and fundamentals in a modified 3 on 3 setting. Each player will be drafted to a team on the first day of camp before participating in live demonstrations and controlled scrimmages.

T.E.A.M. Training

TEAM training is great for middle school and High School Programs to get out of the cold and really get some work done during the offseason. Contact us today to learn about pricing and how we can help your program. 

Programs that have done T.E.A.M. Training

  • Crosby Middle School

  • Trinity High School

  • Male High School 

  • Beastie Boys Middle School team

  • North Oldham Mustangs Middle School

  • Anchorage Middle School

  • St. Michaels Middle School

  • St. Mary’s Academy Middle School

Private Lessons

Private lessons will be offered sparingly due to schedule conflicts with camps and teams. 


Lesson Pricing

$50 1 hour 1-2 Players ($20 for an additional player)

$25 per 3+ players 

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